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Jeff's Electrical, your trusted local sparkie for over 35 years!

Jeff Miller launched his general electric service company over 35 years ago, and it has since become one of the most trusted providers in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Jeff is a hardworking family man, and takes pride in his company and the fact that his son Shaun is now working alongside his dad in the family business. Jeff, Shaun and their close-knit team of technicians, fully appreciate the fact that the outstanding reputation Jeff’s Electrical has built over three-and-a-half decades is a constant work-in-progress, and must be protected. The customer feedback on their industry leading service and work is a testament to this, and means that Jeff’s Electrical will be delivering premium quality results for many more decades to come.

Our team of experts:

Jeff & Shaun

Jeffs Electrical (Miller Family Electrical) was founded 35 years ago by Jeff Miller. Born in South Africa, the son of an electrician, the family tradition of taking up the trade has endured three generations. 

After completing HSC in South Africa in 1976, Jeff spent eighteen months in the South African Army, training as an artillery surveyor. This experience instilled a sense of discipline and endurance which has translated into a high level of ethics and customer service, very evident in the behaviour seen in the service offered by the staff of Jeffs Electrical.
After emigrating in 1989 to Australia, Jeffs Electrical Australia emerged, a new player in the line of electrical contractors in Sydney.
8 apprentices along, Jeffs youngest son, Shaun, entered the business as a first year apprentice, going on to qualify in 2010. Shauns passion for sport, having played Premier grade cricket, various levels of rugby etc instilled a definite passion for achieving a great result, similar to the desire to achieve on the sportsfield.
Jeff and Shaun are focused on keeping up to date with the latest technology that is constantly emerging in the market. With client satisfaction a key focus, proactive interaction with a view to keeping clients electrical installations up to date and compliant is always at front of mind.
Jeffs Electrical has a policy of finding solutions and not problems in unusual and challenging situations.




Why choose us

Jeffs Electrical are industry leaders when it comes to servicing all of your electrical requirements. Jeff and his team deliver premium work at an excellent price and are always ready to get to work on your residential, construction, or Strata project. Jeff’s Electrical fast-response 24/7 emergency service is also at your disposal, whenever and wherever you need it.

All of the Jeff’s Electrical expert technicians are backed up on-site by their fully stocked vans and trucks. The team has an extensive range of tools, spare parts and materials immediately to hand to ensure that your job will be professionally executed and completed every time. Jeff understands that his customers want his team to be fully prepared to deliver a fix or installation straight off the bat. In no time. With no hassle.

We find solutions, not problems

Jeff has seen enormous changes in the industry over the last 35 years and understands that the process of maintaining a responsive up-to-date business is critical and non-stop. Jeff’s Electrical customers reap the rewards of this commitment, and many of Jeff’s customers have been with him from the early days of his business.

Jeff insists that all of the team receive the best possible ongoing training and support, including regular briefing on technological advances and up-to-the-minute safety procedures and materials.

Jeff and Shaun and their supporting staff members will transform your worries to perfect wiring.